Posted by: Northern Bird | August 30, 2008

Geek Alert

Ha ha ha! Today I have been busy. I’m on one of our really old computers [yeah, we have a few] that still works albeit extremely slow. My old XP pixellates too much, so I try not to boot that one up. The laptop screen is broken. So, I’m on my daughters old computer. She says she doesn’t use it but likes to use my Vista ha ha ha! Well, I managed to configure the wireless connection that I’d protected on my Vista. I’ve done it in the past but with a disc. This time I did it manually.
And voila! : ) Here I am online, posting at my blog. Yeah! Go me!

I managed to get my screen door up this afternoon. I know, it probably seems like I’m not that productive recently. I just don’t have the ‘get up and go’ attitude these days.

My sister phoned me on Thursday night.
This is how the conversation went:
Sis: So, we should join Facebook you know.
Me: Why? Go join it if you want to be on it.
Sis: Only if you do. What if I have no mates. I need to add someone.
Me: Oh OK then, it will be a laugh.
Sis: Give me 30 mins and then add me!
Me: Ok, see you online in 30!
Sis: Byeeeeeeeeeeee.
Me: Byeeeeeeeeeeee.

30 mins later and I can’t find her. Where is she?
She’s adding my other sis to her friends, lmfao!
Anyway to cut a really long and pointless story short, I’m on Facebook! Lmfao!
If I feel brave I *might* pop the link here in a day or so.

Off for a short time.
I want to play on my own computer for a while.
Need to create, ha ha ha!



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