Posted by: Northern Bird | August 30, 2009

To trust or not to trust

Trust. That’s a huge word if you think about it really.
I was about to log off for the night and opened OE [I’ve been on the XP this evening] to bring my mail in. I also had Firefox and IE open. I don’t normally use IE, but because I was on the XP it still has all my bookmarks in there and I needed to find an old link.
So, 3 apps open. FF, IE[8], and OE.
The AV popped up with a Trojan warning.
Of course I immediately thought it was IE. Tried to close it, but it had crashed anyway.
Managed to close it but the warning was still there.
FF???? Nah! Safe as houses that.
I looked closer at the Trojan warning and it was OE!
I had 13 new mail [13, unlucky for some].
Now, the mail was from regular contacts. I’ve never had a warning before, so I’ve left the whole lot unopened as I’m unsure which one contains the Trojan.
Ah well, I suppose I can hit the delete button and apologise profusely if they need a reply ;o)
Just thought I’d share.



  1. Good thing you didn’t open any. Last thing you need is a PC infection just when you got your PC back! I’m sure they won’t mind if you don’t reply. Was one from me or did you get that earlier?

  2. When I read things like this it makes me glad I have a Mac – if I had a PC I’d be constantly paranoid! Hope you manage to get rid of it.

  3. I’m so with you! I’m saving for a Mac at the moment, but I’ll get there eventually!

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