Posted by: Northern Bird | August 26, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge

And so onto Day 5!

A Song That Reminds You Of Someone 

I had no hesitation with this, I was just crossing my fingers You Tube had a version somewhere and they did.
I’m sure I’ve said previously I was brought up on 60’s music. Not that I mind, there were some great songs that were made.
My dad was a band freak, so he mainly played 60’s bands. Especially if they were Manchester or Liverpool bands.
Anyway, back to the song.
Every Sunday since I’ve been little, we have always gone to Grandma and Grandads for Sunday lunch. It was just one of those rituals.
Gran used to make so much food! So much so every Sunday after lunch Grandad would go to bed and sleep for a few hours.
We grandchildren were allowed to wake him up at 6pm.
We used to sing this song to him (I’m sure he could have slapped us really!) except we changed the words from Anna to Grandad.
I loved those Sundays!
Anna (Go To Him) – The Beatles


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