Posted by: Northern Bird | February 14, 2013


More of? Lack of? 
I’ve not blogged at WordPress for the longest time. Those who know me know where to find my blog posts. However I decided to cancel my internet until I move house (yes, again) as the line is faulty and I just got tired of calling tech support when in reality it’s out of their hands and into mine.
Do I really want to shell out almost £200?
It would mean having to cancel anyway and set up a new account. Hassle.
I can blog from my Blackberry, so I decided to download the Blackberry app and use my little place on the net again.

What’s new?
I’m hoping to get diagnosed with ménière’s disease. This is something I’ve had since 2008, but due to fungal ear infections (otomycosis) brought on by eczema my consultant decided to focus on trying to minimise that first. My first step towards being diagnosed with ménière’s disease is Monday so fingers crossed.

That’s the snippet from me today. Those who read my other blog will have had a more ‘in depth’ version of this (sorry).


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